DJ Khaled Releases “Staying Alive” Collab With Drake And Lil Baby

This is DJ Khaled’s very first release of 2022 and no better way to do it than collaborating with Drake and Lil Baby in their highly anticipated single “Staying Alive”. In the song’s chorus, Drake “interpolates the iconic refrain” as a homage from BeeGee’s classic disco titular song, “Staying Alive”. “Try me a hunnid times Wanted me to lie, wanted me to cry, wanted me to die (Real life) Ah, ah, ah, I’m stayin’ alive, I’m stayin’ alive, I’m stayin’ alive, I’m stayin’ alive”, is a call back to all the haters and exes that didn’t believe in Drake has he continued to reach for the peak.

DJ Khaled also announced a release date for his new album “God Did”, in which “Staying Alive” will be its lead single, set to arrive on August 26.

Check out the music video below!