(Listen) SG5 Collaborates with Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon in a World First

Photo Credit: Willem Stapel x Bryan Huynh


SG5, the first ever music group officially in collaboration with one of Japan’s most renown IPs, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, announce their U.S. debut via Rolling Stone. Co-managed by one of Japan’s largest entertainment companies LDH Japan Inc., and global management powerhouse Three Six Zero, the group has enlisted Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer BloodPop®,  who will serve as Executive Producer and co-Creative Director.  SG5 consists of 5 members: SAYAKARURI, RUI, MIYUUand KAEDE

In their first international interview with Rolling StoneMIYUU elaborated on SG5’s debut and overall goals; “Being able to collaborate with Sailor Moon is such an honor and a dream come true. I have experienced a lot as an artist in Japan, but the environment surrounding SG5 is like no other, so I’m very motivated. I hope we can show the beauty of Japanese culture through our entertainment.”

Spawning from the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon World, SG5 is an intergalactic pop supergroup that protects the universe from evil, injustice and negativity. Blending Japanese talent with Western edge and an I.P. that has inspired billions of smiles, their goal is to destroy the forces of darkness with the most powerful weapon of all: music. Grounded in lore that is 30 years in the making, SG5 is a modern interpolation of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon for the new generation of the in-the-know stans, with the blessing of Miss Takeuchi herself.

Hailing from all different walks of life, these 5 women exist in the Sailor Moon universe together and heavily reference the main protagonists of the series. Members SAYAKA, KAEDE, MIYUU, and RURI all come from the girl group Happiness, which debuted in 2011; and RUI comes from her own group iScream, which debuted in 2021. By joining forces and morphing together their individual talents, SG5 and their upcoming album will be an unstoppable force.