Nigerian-American Brothers bring Afro Karaoke for the Diaspora

courtesy Mighty Media Essentials


Working with your relatives can sometimes prove to be challenging. But if there is one thing we know, it’s that no one knows you better than a brother. So when it comes down to building a brand together, keeping it in the family has a different meaning for brothers Malachy and Arinze Okeke. The blood brothers turned business partners took one experience during a night out and turned it into a thriving traveling entertainment brand! Meet the manpower behind Afro Karaoke. 


Malachy Okeke is a charismatic business-minded man with great vision to empower and unite people with pride and cultural dignity. It was in fact his travels back in 2017 that led to the birth of the traveling entertainment business we know as Afro Karaoke. Taking to the town one night while visiting back home, he notices a significant lack in the karaoke performance realm. Then upon returning home, that issue was only amplified as he saw less of his culture and the beautiful and diverse music of the diaspora get less and less shine, though it has been the foundation of all of the latest trends in dance and entertainment! Malachy knew he had to do something to change the way the world viewed and interacted with sounds around the African and Caribbean diaspora. He took the idea to his brother Arinze, a music producer and dj with an ear of distinction, and after brainstorming they created the dynamic traveling music performance show Afro Karaoke. 

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courtesy Mighty Media Essentials