(Review) Leol’s Single, ‘Time’

Chicago has birthed many of the finest musical talents: Kanye West to Jennifer Hudson to the late Sam Cooke and Donny Hathaway to Richard Marx. Clearly, Chi-Town has had a plethora of talent.

Take, for instance, Iyan Leol, professionally going by his last name Leol, is a singer/producer who has released a series of records, the latest ear-pleaser, “Time.”

After listening to this song, we agree that it’s Leol’s time.

The single, streaming on multiple platforms, is a compelling offering centered around one’s most precious gift: time. The delivery is unique, seductive, and conjures up imaginary images of the artist performing the song in an intimate club setting, with an audience that falls underneath his melodic spell.

Although this fairly new artist has been putting in the work, his efforts to hone in on a discerning audience is impressive, and he certainly is a master lyricist with skills beyond his years.

For example, Leol teasingly reaches out to his fanbase with vocals that lightly dance through the ear, weaving back and forth, forming an impressive imprint on the mind.

Leol’s quick lyrical flow is unmatched by his peers. “Time is money, and money is time” is his anthem and will resonate with listeners who agree with his skillful delivery.  

Collaborating with another talented artist HRTBRKFEVER on this seductive hit, Leol appears poised to take over the R&B music genre boldly.

Be rest assured: You need to make time for Leol on your playlist.

Link to the single:


Connect with Leol now: @iyanleol