Cynthia Bailey reveals why she left Real Housewives of Atlanta

Talk show host Nick Cannon and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey chat about why she left the show and what’s next for her! Plus, Nick and Cynthia chat about the steamy photoshoot

Nick Cannon: “Did that (Mike) have anything to do with your departure or decision to leave  Real Housewives of Atlanta after 11 seasons? Tell us why because we love you so much.”

Cynthia Bailey: “No, it did not have anything to do with my decision to leave. Mike is very supportive of whatever I want to do. Honestly, Nick, it was just time. It’s been over a decade. It’s been 11 years and not only was it time, it was the right time. I still want to be on television. I’m not going anywhere but there are so many other things I want to do.”

Cynthia Bailey: “When you’re on an ensemble cast show like that, you guys only get to see some of what we are all about. I am really excited to do other things. I am so much more than a housewife.”

courtesy of Nick Cannon Show


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courtesy of Nick Cannon Show