Blvck Paris’ New Collection Proves That Black Is Anything But Basic

French luxury lifestyle label Blvck Paris recently rolled out a new  assortment of high-quality men’s, women’s, and unisex streetwear, along with beautifully branded leather goods, and unique accessories, all in on-brand single color black!

The latest line offers eight variations of a stylish yet comfortable unisex hoodie that ranges from the dense, dark richness of the Velvet Hoodie to one that offers a playful, yet subtle contrast of hues on the patterned Monogram Hoodie. Other items in the collection come to life with the addition of sophisticated (and appropriately melancholy) artwork such as a skull appearing on the back of a sweater or dark roses seen winding down a sweatpant’s leg.

Blvck Paris signature unisex hoodie courtesy Blvck Paris.


Blvck Paris designer Julian O’Hayon says, “I have always had an obsession with the color ‘black’ and used it to apply my personal stamp to everyday household items.” He continues, “For example, I once turned a bag of M&M’s all black and posted the result on Instagram. The image, and others like it, quickly went viral and spurred on an influx of international followers, especially from the US and Asia. I knew then that I had a concept I could and should explore further.” After the successful launch three years ago, Julian continued to expand the brand’s items while staying true to his vision. “In addition to the clothing, we want to bring the ‘all-black everything’ lifestyle to our customers with our exclusive accessories,” says Julian O’Hayon. “Every season we will release some very unexpected items, ones you didn’t know you needed until you see them.”

Blvck Paris teddy bear courtesy Blvck Paris.

While Black is undoubtedly the signature color, devoted fans of fashionistas and a range of creatives notice the micro variations of tone and subtleties in texture, finish and fabric that make each piece an exceptional collectible such as the Blvck Rubber Duck, the best-selling All-Blvck Notebook, the super chic Blvck icons for iOS 14, and even a bottle of your favorite beverage!

For more information, visit Blvck.com