Meet Chido Nwokocha: Sistas’ Delectable Hunk Of Chocolate

Handsome Chido Nwokocha has had a stellar career in both film and television, but right now, the actor finds himself dodging many dissatisfied women who have been following his role on BET’s Tyler Perry series, “Sistas.”

On the series, a group of single African-American women run into obstacles as they try to balance ┬ácareers and love lives. Chido’s character, Gary, is the suave CEO of a Fortune 500 company who desires to get with one of the ‘sistas” despite having a wedding ring and a family.

The actor laughing recounts stories of diehard series fans calling him out for his wicked ways and angrily discussing the series’ storylines as if they were real-life situations. Taking it in stride, the actor, who comes from a family of seven, diplomatically puts “Sistas” fans in check by mildly letting them know, “I’m Chido, and I’m just here in this store trying to get some groceries!”

Born and raised in Sacramento, Ca. to Nigerian immigrant parents, Chido embarked on an acting career upon graduating with a Health Administration degree from Ohio University. Taking his craft seriously, he wound up landing parts in series after series, including “Hawaii Five-O,” The Rookie,” and numerous other nighttime programs.

The modest actor, who refuses to fall into the pitfalls as some of his peers, keeps his head on his shoulders, shying away from the show side of the business. “I would say that hard work and perseverance are two of the reasons why I have been successful. I don’t get caught up in the glamour of being in Hollywood or being on TV,” he comments.

Although competition for such roles remains stiff, Chido prides himself on staying focused. He concentrates on remaining in top physical condition, enabling him to land roles in big box office films, including the highly anticipated “Top Gun: Maverick,” starring Tom Cruise. Chido reflects on the film, which should open next July, that it’s pretty thrilling to land roles in action films. “Everyone knows Top Gun, and everyone knows Tom Cruise, so I was excited to be part of that on the big screen. I’m on the right track with my career.”

His current series, “Sistas,” is very different from action films but equally enjoyable, especially since some fans are very passionate and vocal on social media. He chuckles, “There’s a lot of emotion and a lot of reaction. We have a lot of fun on the show, though.”

BET “Sistas” actor Chido Nwokocha plays a married man who is after one of the beautiful ladies. Credit: Chris Singer Photography


Although he has been successful at making a living at his craft, he had a close call when he got wind that auditions for “Sistas” were coming up. “I flew in for the audition, but I was starting a new job. I went ahead and auditioned anyway. There were many people up for the role, and it’s a good thing that I got the part because I lost that other job. I said, ‘Thank you, God.'”

Unwilling to get too comfortable with his success, he continues focusing on his work and continues to stay in shape. Although he has the occasional “cheat day,” Chido’s physique remains ripped through exercise and portion control.

Although he is one of the new breed of actors who are getting a sizeable chunk of work, he remains grateful to such famous stars like Denzel Washington, Will Smith, and now, Michael B. Jordan, who have opened up the doors for other actors. “But I think that to be successful, you need to be consistent and keep studying.”

It sounds like the brother has figured out the best way to navigate through this competitive business. Now next time you see him at the local supermarket, let him shop in peace!