See Say 2020 Launches To Protect Voters’ Rights

The Black American Music Association (BAM), Voting Rights Are Civil Rights, Mi Familia Vota, Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, Center For Common Ground, March For Our Lives Michigan, Trust the Vote, MOBE, VoteRiders, Four Direction and Jennifer Cohn of Protect our Votes have formed a grassroots nonpartisan coalition to unite with Silicon Valley-based The Democracy Labs (DemLabs) to protect voters and the 2020 US Presidential Election with “See Something, Say Something 2020.”


SeeSay 2020 is a free web-based system for voters to report voter suppression tactics, harassment, and intimidation in real-time and can be reported in less than one minute from any browser. SeeSay 2020 is available in both English and Spanish. Submissions are manually screened by a team of volunteers then shared through a real-time dashboard and alerts to the media, partners, and influencers. The system is designed to supplement other existing voter protection and election security systems. Local law enforcement authorities can also be notified when there is a threat of violence or physical harm. By recording all of this critical data, SeeSay 2020 is able to track incidents, locations, and tactics to provide the necessary information for preventive planning in future elections.


“See Something, Say Something (SeeSay) was first launched for the 2018 midterms so voters could quickly report long lines and polling issues”, says Deepak Puri, Democracy Labs Founder. “The threat of voter suppression has grown and so has the need for a voter powered system to collect, analyze and report threats to fair voting to so actions can be taken in time to protect voters and their right to vote.”


SeeSay was used during the midterm elections and was featured by Samantha Bee and used by the OSET Institute as part of the NBC News VoteWatch Team. SeeSay2020 is built on and has been updated with new capabilities from the Esri platform to help capture and analyze reports of voter intimidation and suppression tactics.  These activities are reflective of and responsive to contemporaneous social justice issues.


Eric Cohen, Founder of Voting Rights Are Civil Rights, says, “It saddens me that 55 years after the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed, there is a need for See Something Say Something. Yet, several months after the death of John Lewis, we are witnessing the past repeat itself. Most of us in America are dedicated to free, fair, and peaceful elections. While we still have execution issues with our elections, no American should feel physically threatened or intimidated when heading out to vote.”

Despite all of the efforts to keep this crucial upcoming election, safe, efficient, and fair, there may be incidents both intentional and unintentional to derail those positive efforts.

Nwaka Onwusa, Vice President of Curatorial Affairs & Chief Curator of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame says, “Registering to vote is only one part of making a difference and to see change, more of our communities need to see transparency in the democratic process and understand that there are resources to amplify our voices for the change we want to see! Institutions like the Rock Hall are opening their doors as polling sites for more people to have access and organizations like BAM are critical especially now in raising awareness and equipping our communities with the right tools and access to ensure everyone’s voices are heard!”

“SeeSay is an indispensable tool for early issue spotting in our work with the NBC New VoteWatch Team,” notes Gregory Miller, COO of the OSET Institute and its TrustTheVote Project. “SeeSay is the ultimate crowd-sourced election incident reporting tool, and combined with our team of election technology analysts working side-by-side with NBC News it’s an important resource to analyze potential trouble spots fast and help NBC rapidly determine how best to cover the matter.”

To learn more about SeeSay2020, visit www.SeeSay2020.com.