Vocalist Vincent Powell Releases ‘Let Freedom Ring’ & Discusses Life After American Idol


American Idol fans may have seen vocalist extraordinaire Vincent Powell who participated on the talent competition several years back on Season 12 of American Idol where he was in the top 20 Guys.

Since then the vocal trainer has done countless live shows and can boast about having been on stages and programs with such household names as Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Janet Jackson, Fantasia, Sheryl Crow, Kelly Rowland, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary and many more. Not only that, he  sang background for Kim Burrell, Regina Belle, LeToya Luckett, Micah Stampley and the late  Whitney Houston.
Currently, Vincent Powell is promoting a powerful single, “Let Freedom Ring.”  He took time out of his hectic schedule to get some time in with Right On! Digital’s Cynthia Horner to discuss his illustrious career and to give advice to budding vocalists.
Q: Mr. Powell, can you please provide details on your new single “Let Freedom Ring” and discuss the meaning behind the song and which artists are featured on it?
A: “Let Freedom Ring” was written to express our emotional need to peacefully protest for social justice. This record features amazing Houston artists Mary Griffin, J Xavier, Julian Caesar and Genesis Blu.
Q: You are an excellent vocalist. At what point did you notice that your talent was meant to be shared by the world and what family members or mentors helped you to see your journey to fruition?
A: Thank you! Well….I got an opportunity to lead a solo in my high school choir winter concert and afterwards,  a friend’s aunt came up to me  said that my voice will take me across the world. That Winter Concert  inspired a drive that has continued to propel me towards my goals. My mother and brother played a huge role in my musical success; they both sang and played the piano growing up.
Q: Who have been some of your favorite artists to work with?
A: I honestly love them all! Micah Stampley took me on my first tour. Kathy Burrell and her sister Kim Burrell provided me with the opportunity to sing background for the incomparable Whitney Houston. These artists not only provided opportunities, but they taught me how to be a better artist and a respected vocalist.

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Q: If you could sing with anyone (living or deceased) who would that be?
A: Hmmm… top 4, I’d say Tina Turner, Steven Tyler, Lenny Williams and Mariah Carey!
Q: At what point did your career encompass vocal training?
A: I started vocal training at church as a kid, lessons continued on through school and college. I currently own Vincent Powell’s Vocal Studio where I now teach vocal lessons and  the importance of training your voice.
Q:  How did television exposure impact your career?
A: American idol has opened so many doors from singing for President Bush/Barbara Bush Foundation in Houston/Dallas to having a three month’s residency in Seoul/Jeju S Korea (2019) & Moscow, Russia (2020). It has truly been a blessing that just keeps on giving.
Q: What advice would you give to  budding vocalists?
A: I would say to up-and-coming artisst to know who you are as an artist; and then be confident with your brand.
Q: Is there a story you’d like to share about one of the famous singers/artists that you’ve shared a stage with?
A: I did a show in Houston where Tank was also on the lineup. He requested to go  on right after me and from the stage I could see him mouthing “I’m gonna whip your a–.”  (LOL) He said he now had to take off his shirt off to win the crowd back after my performance.  Basically, he was moved and impressed with my performance!
Q: What are some of your current aspirations and business ventures?
A: Currently I am a full-time vocalist, I sing four to six times a week. I teach vocal lessons at my vocal studio, and I just curated a boy band. I’m also working on a online boutique for the middle-size people “Not too small and not too big” *Patent Pending* LOL.
Q:  Did you ever read Right On! Magazine back in the day?
A: Yes! I love Right On! Magazine, the content is still so important to the Black culture of America today.
Q: The Pandemic probably affected some of your plans for 2020, but is there anything you would like our readers to know about you or your future plans?
A: Yes! I have my first R&B Soul Album coming out entitled “ V•Angel”. This album is extremely important to me!  It’s about a love that signifies a rebellious spirt which is mixed with unending loyalty, honor and protective insincts.

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