A.D. Dolphin Shares The Best Secrets For Weight Loss

A.D. Dolphin, CEO of D Herbs, Inc.,  has helped transform the waistlines of his high profile clientele such as Emmy Award-Winning Actress Niecy Nash, Grammy Award-Winning Singer Brandy, WE TV’s Celebrity Hairstylist Kim Kimble, Actress Sherri Shepherd, Television Host/Comedian Steve Harvey, Actress Elise Neal, TV One Host Roland Martin, and Black-ish actor Anthony Anderson, to name a few. As summer is rapidly approaching, Right On! Digital’s Cynthia Horner gave him a list of health-related questions that might put readers on the weight loss fast track.

Q: What are some of the health tips that you can offer our readers in terms of diet and exercise?

A: One of the tips I would always tell people is that a lot of times people don’t know how much water they should drink based upon their body weight. Take your body weight, divide it by two and that tells you the number of ounces. Therefore, if you weigh 100 pounds, you’re supposed to drink 50 ounces of water a day which amounts to about five glasses of water. That’s one thing I would say. As far as exercising, I always tell people that they’ve got to be mindful of the pounding that they’re putting their bodies. Do low-impact workouts; like walking on a treadmill. The StairMaster and Elliptical machines are great if you’re trying to use great cardio machines because it’s not so much pounding on your body as opposed to running outside.

Q: What are some of the foods that you eat and what is your workout routine?

A: The one thing that I learned from our D Herbs Full Body Cleanse (https://www.dherbs.com) is that I start every single day off with a smoothie. That’s my thing of choice. I eat a lot of raw nuts, raw seeds; these are the things I tend to snack on. Just doing those two things drastically changed my diet. It made me eat so much healthier, it put me on a healthier path. I work out for about an hour and a half to two hours every single day. I do about 45 minutes to an hour’s worth of cardio and then I do some form of weight training.

Q:  You mention smoothies. What do you put in your smoothies?

A: I love blueberries, I love bananas, I love strawberries, so I do something along those lines. As far as the base, some people tend to use almond milk. I don’t; I use fresh juice like pineapple juice, orange juice, fruits that are freshly squeezed.

Q: Do you use vegetables sometimes?

A: Nah, you gotta be careful of the things you mix. There are certain things you’re not supposed to mix because it takes your body too long to digest certain things. So if I do a vegetable drink, it’s usually just a vegetable drink. I don’t mix too many fruits with vegetables. If it’s a fruit drink, it’s a fruit drink. If it’s a vegetable drink, it’s a vegetable drink. I don’t mix them because sometimes you can create it where it’s a longer digestive process for your food and that’s what you’re trying to avoid because the less the digestive process, now you’re allowing your body to get energy in other places where your body needs help.

Q: Millions have seen you on numerous TV shows, including  Steve Harvey’s TV show.  How did you get involved with TV?

A: I was constantly doing a lot of radio. Mostly, I was doing radio on the Steve Harvey Radio Show. I was doing it all the time and I guess it was a time a particular person couldn’t make the show and some of the producers at the Steve Harvey TV show asked me would I be willing to come on and that’s how I got introduced to TV four  and a half years ago.


Q: There are so many diets out there, it’s mind-boggling. Are there any that you recommend?

A: I’m in the cleansing business, so I’m all for people cleansing, one hundred percent. One of the purposes of our cleanse is to get people to eat more fresh fruit, vegetables, raw nuts, and raw seeds. I think if you follow that whole way of eating, what happens is not only does it put you on a healthier path, but you start feeling better. Everything just becomes so much better and you start to drink more water. I just think that is important to becoming healthier. So cleansing is what I would recommend, the D Herbs Full Body Cleanse.

Q: Due to the current meat shortage consumers are being encouraged to adapt to a more plant-based diet. What are your thoughts and do you see this trend getting bigger over time?

A: I live in California so becoming vegan-vegetarian has been a trend that has been happening for a while and I suspect that that is going to be the future. More and more people are turning to be vegan and vegetarian every single year. People are doing it as they are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, so this is an upcoming trend for the future.

Q: What message can you give to our  readers who still love those junk food snacks at the corner stores?

A: I always try to tell people you only can abuse your body for so long before your body starts to fight back. What I mean by ‘fight back’ is in forms of diseases and ailments. Diabetes is strictly based upon your diet. High blood pressure is strictly based upon your diet. Approximately 90% of all diseases today are diet-related. I’m not saying that you can’t do anything. You can have a piece of cake or cupcake, eat a donut, etc., but you just got to be mindful of how much abuse you’re putting your body through. Eating healthier is allowing your body to recover and rejuvenate to get stronger so you can get what you need to get done throughout the day.