These 3 Retro Items Should Be On Your Wishlist

Millennials and other recent generations have brought the past back to the future with their obsession over nostalgic technology like game boys, typewriters, vinyl record players, and more. 

Graduation season usually means high schoolers and college students have a wish list that their family and friends use to help find gifts for them to celebrate their accomplishments. Even though the spring semester has been strange this year, with students being sent home from colleges and universities all over the country in the middle of March and April. 

Even still, graduation is no small feat and your support system will likely want to shower you with some kind of gift to show their appreciation for all your hard work. More and more, people are hoping to unplug from their smartphones and computers, which is to say that retro technology still has a place in today’s market. When they actually do unplug, they’re still hoping to have access to some of the same features their phone offers like music, gameplay, and other similar things. 

For instance, while the iPhone 11 has an impeccable camera, a manual camera has a different ability to capture photos. Basically with no battery required, a manual camera really tests the skill level of the photographer. Again, it’s another piece of technology still relevant today — especially because people want to unplug. 

So if you’re one of those new grads, here are 3 popular pieces of nostalgic technology to add to your wishlist. 

Instant Camera


Is there anything better than a polaroid camera, able to immediately print out pictures that look as if you’ve added a sepia-toned filter? Not really, no. Polaroid cameras have come back into popularity, even though they were never really out of style. Much like the manual camera, having a polaroid helps you get rid of your smartphone and snap photos you actually want to keep. 

Plus, they’re less expensive than those digital cameras you would take with you to the middle school dance. 

Vinyl Record Player

Songs played on a record player hit different, it’s true. A vinyl record player, in 2020, might be bluetooth so you can hear your favorite music as if it was on a loudspeaker in an ice cream joint somewhere circa 1965. 

Typewriter-style Keyboard

Retro-inspired keyboards are a collector’s dream. If you use your laptop often, or if you use a desktop computer often, investing in an additional keyboard might save not only your fingers, but the keys on your keyboard too. 

Typewriter style keyboards have a retro-chic vibe, available in almost every color imaginable. Additionally, these keyboards make typing a little more entertaining. 

What’s on your technology wish list?