LeCrae Offers Comfort During Coronavirus Crisis

The Coronavirus  has upended many of our lives and has caused destruction and death.  Let’s take a moment to count our blessings.
If you’re following Lecrae’s instagram.com/lecrae page then you’ve already heard his message about coronavirus. Feel free to spread  his words of wisdoms to your friends and family.
“God is in control. We live in a world that is broken. There have been pandemics, wars, bombs, plagues since humanity has been here. It is not an excuse for us to act inhumane and as if God is not in control and as if he is not a God we can rely on…He’s brought people through it. Not without pain. Not without suffering. Not without loss. Ultimately this shows me where my true rewards are, where my hope really is, where my faith really is. Remain trusting in a God who is greater than any pandemic. Exercise wisdom, take precautions, but do not let fear rule you.”- @Lecrae