(Pics)The Ludacris Foundation & John Casablancas Team Up To Empower Youth


Female empowerment! Credit: The Ludacris Foundation

Recently The  Ludacris Foundation and John Casablancas  Modeling Centers continued their partnership to empower local young ladies with an amazing event, the  #Me Youth Empowerment Program. During the course of the day participants were exposed to such seminars as  Building Your Personal Brand, Discovering the Real You and  Creating Your Special Style.

Striking poses on the carpet. Credit: The Ludacris Foundation

“At the Ludacris Foundation, our mission is to help youth … we aim to show young people that they are the builders of their future” stated Roberta Shields, President of the Ludacris Foundation. As my son, Chris Bridges, said … we want to highlight


The participants learned so much from everyone, including Hannah Cassimere, Jennifer Isom and Roberta Shields. Credit: The Ludacris Foundation


the importance of leadership, education, self-discovery, and self-love. It is so important that we all … especially young lades … dare to dream and manifest those dreams in ways that move our families, communities, society and the world forward.”

The young models were stunning. Credit: Ludacris Foundation

The event was  hosted by Roberta Shields and Karma Bridges, daughter of Chris “Ludacris” Bridges and Jennifer Durazzo, Executive Director of Operations for the John Casablancas Centers served as moderator for the day.


The young ladies were so impressed with actress Meagan Good. Credit: The Ludacris Foundation

This day of empowerment and personal branding will help young ladies ‘Discover the Superpower Within’. The event ended with a fashion show  sponsored by Macy’s.