Different Generations Have Varying Security Methods, Study Says

Safety is one of the many things that has changed significantly over the past few decades with technological advancements. Security used to be entirely reliant on locks and keys, while it’s now majorly focused on digital controls and surveillance.

Keeping up with the changing times and constant new inventions can seem like a tough task, but it can have very real benefits on your safety and security within your home. With over 67% of burglaries happening in residential homes, introducing these advanced technologies can play an essential role in your family’s safety.

Kastle Systems recently conducted a survey to uncover security habits and behaviors of homeowners across America. From home cameras to self-defense weapons, these are the security norms in the country.

Broken down by generation, millennials are the most likely to have either an electronic security system or a smart home camera installed. Still, the majority of homeowners have not yet introduced these added security measures – 45% of millennials use an electronic security system and 36% use a smart home camera.

Baby Boomers stick to their old fashioned roots being the least likely generation to use these digital features. Only 6% of this age group uses a smart home camera.

When it comes to physical protection, home defense weapons are one way to let your mind rest easy knowing that you have a plan in the event of an emergency situation. 37% of midwesterners own a self-defense weapon. The northeast is the least likely region to deem this as a necessity with 24% in possession of a weapon.

The most popular weapon is a handgun, but there are several other non-lethal alternatives that can keep homeowners safe. Females most commonly opt for pepper spray, tasers, or clubs.

It’s interesting to note that Baby Boomers are also the least likely generation to own a self-defense weapon. While more of the older generation owns a self-defense weapon over an electronic security system, still less than a quarter of baby boomers say they have a weapon in their home.

Whether you like it or not, homeowners are responsible for their own safety. Technology can be very beneficial in adding an extra line of defense. It can serve as an extra digital watchdog on your home even when you are away. It may seem unnecessary, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.