Star Power: TV One’s ‘Loved To Death” Features Famous Faces

TV One’s month of LOVE, LIES & MURDER movies continues with LOVED TO DEATH, debuting on Sunday, July 21, 2019 at 8 P.M./7C with an encore presentation at 10 P.M. The film stars Malinda Williams (“Girlfriends’ Getaway”), MC Lyte (“Girls Trip”), McKinley Freeman (“Hit the Floor”), Tobias Truvillion (Empire) and Chrystee Pharris (‘Media”). TV One’s LOVE, LIES & MURDER films feature a series of stories that explore the dark side of love including deceit, betrayal, obsession and jealousy.
Inspired by actual events, LOVED TO DEATH follows Monica (Williams) and Jackson’s (Freeman) relationship after the two meet over a pair of dropped keys. The couple move in together and are soon faced with financial troubles stemming from Jackson’s unemployment. Feeling threatened and insecure, Jackson becomes physically abusive towards Monica. Seeking a way out of the relationship, she strikes up a connection with fellow church member, Dre (Truvillion). Monica ultimately ends her relationship with Jackson and gets engaged to Dre, but Jackson is determined to win her back by any means necessary.
“I felt compelled to participate in the LOVED TO DEATH project because I know that so many individuals are in toxic/abusive relationships and many aren’t even aware,” said film star Williams. “Abuse shows up in a myriad of ways. Yes, there is the physical aspect that we all understand but many don’t understand that physical abuse is usually the escalated result of other types – mental, emotional and even financial. This movie offers some insight into the nuances of those abusive behaviors and how to recognize when and how things could turn tragic.”
LOVED TO DEATH is directed by Lee Davis and written by Chad Quinn. Produced for TV One by Asylum Productions, David Rimawi served as executive producer with David Michael as producer. .

Credit: TV One



Right On! Digital spoke with actors McKinley Freeman and Tobias Truvillion who talked about their roles.

RIGHT ON! DIGITAL:  This is a different project for you guys.  Your fans are used to seeing you in scripted films and series. What was it like?

MCKINLEY FREEMAN:  It all started with Malinda. She was able  to connect with people on camera.  It was everything. I had the opportunity to work with Tobias, MC Lyte  and the people from TV One were phenomenal.

TOBIAS:  This is a story that was real.

Q:  What will audience take away from this project?

TOBIAS:  McKinley did a wonderful job bringing a human side to  his character. I think that it will stir up a dialogue. Maybe we can save some lives.

MCKINLEY:  You can seek help. Not only that you can make the choices to get out of the situations–the reality of the world in this particular situation. It challenges you to see the world differently. It forces you to look at something that you see every day from a different perspective.There’s nothing more powerful than an idea. You can say, “I can seek professional help” or “I can talk to my homegirls.”  “I should talk to my parents.”   Like Tobias said, everybody involved with the project did their job.

Tobias in a really serious role. Credit: TV One

Q: You two are heartthrobs. Did you ever expect to become this famous?

MCKINLEY  No.  There’s a difference between working in corporate America and acting. When I got involved with acting I never thought I would have the opportunity to do things like these interviews.  With that, I’m just trying to make the most of it. I try to make sure that the projects and work that I do is meaningful. I like the fact that with this project, I can challenge the way people look at certain situations. I never  expected to be doing something like this role.

TOBIAS:  I started at the National Black Theater in Harlem and we were always taught to do the work; that has always been our motto.The accolades and fame are not what I was looking for. But being on a popular TV show (“Empire”) is a blessing. I have. been able to travel the world and meet so many great people.


McKinley in a different role. Credit: TV One

Did you meet someone from Loved To Death that you never expected to work with?

MCKINLEY:   This is lighthearted.   When I found out MC Lyte was going to be part of the project I thought that was cool.   I said, “wait a minute, this is a real movie!” We were doing press recently and I was sitting next to MC Lyte and she just started free styling. My brain froze for a second and then I thought, “MC Lyte is free styling!”  She might have only did it for 10 or 15 seconds but it was one of those things you couldn’t make that up.  My love for hip hop.


TOBIAS: Just being able to meet MC Lyte was nice. It was great working with all the actors and our director.  Malinda and I had space to create. Watch the film and follow us on social media and be on the lookout for more projects. And thank you to Right On!. Without you we wouldn’t be here!