First Listen: Jakubi’s “Worry Bout A Thing”

Jakubi is a Melbourne-based band composed of two brothers (Jerome & Jacob Farah), two cousins (Jesse Rehaut & Adam Kane) and one friend (Rob Amoruso) whose unique flavor stems from an irresistible combination of jangly guitars, hip-hop beats and sailing synth rhythms. “Worry Bout A Thing” stays true to their infectious, experimental songs that are guaranteed to get everyone dancing!
“To me, ‘Worry Bout A Thing’ is about when things don’t go how they feel they’re meant to go sometimes in life, taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture can help. Also, it’s about using your silliness and sense of humor to get through the tougher times you face,” says Jerome.
Jesse adds, “It’s a pretty current theme with what’s going on with social media. A lot of people have unreal expectations of who you should be. The truth is you don’t need to worry about what’s going on in anybody else’s life but your own.”
“Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis let us be us,” Rob explains. “When we did 61 Barkly, we were signed to a major label and working with a lot of producers and writers in the typical L.A. studio scene. It was a lot of laptops and a lot of talk with very minimal instrumentals. We roll up to Jam and Terry’s studio, and it’s a giant warehouse full of instruments. It felt like home. All of the success we had early on came from simply jamming. We went back to that. Even better, this experience forced us to step up as musicians.”
“They were producers not reducers,” adds Jacob. “We got to do what we do.”
That freedom comes through effortlessly on “Worry Bout A Thing.” Based on an original production by Jerome Farah and powered by a funky strut and a soaring soulful hook, the single illuminates the swaggering sonic spark at the heart of the band.