First Look: Lifetime’s “I Am Somebody’s Child”

Courtesy Lifetime | (L to R) Ginnifer Goodwin and Angela Fairley

As part of Lifetime’s continued commitment to bring awareness to causes worthy of notice from stopping sexual violence and abuse with Surviving R. Kelly to detailing the water crisis in Michigan with  the Emmy-nominated film Flint, Lifetime next shines a light into the foster care system in the powerful new movie, I Am Somebody’s Child: The Regina Louise Story.  Based on author and motivational speaker Regina Louise’s personal experience navigating the broken system, Ginnifer Goodwin(Once Upon A Time) and newcomer Angela Fairley(GodComplx)a foster child herself, star in the movie, premiering April 20, 2019 at 8pm ET/PT.  Lifetime will also debut a new PSA, featuring the stars of  the movie and Regina herself, driving viewers to resources and more information on adoption and foster care.

I Am Somebody’s Child tells the journey of a young African American girl (Fairley) who navigates over 30 foster homes and psychiatric facilities before age 18, and the one woman, Jeanne (Goodwin), who believes in her.  After Jeanne’s unsuccessful attempt to adopt Regina due to a racially motivated ruling, their bond is forced apart. I Am Somebody’s Child is Regina’s story of how one woman’s belief and love becomes her lifeline as she defeats the odds of a corrupt system and succeeds. After 25 years, Jeanne is finally able to adopt Regina in the same courthouse that denied them previously.