Love That Dress! Dominika Stara Dazzles!

Renowned crystal couture designer, Sondra Celli, was tapped to create a UNIQUE design for international recording artist, Dominika Stará. Dominika, who took first place among females on Czechoslovakian Superstar(her country’s version of the hit U.S. series, American Idol), was releasing her latest album and performing throughout the United States. Stara and Celli met via a mutual friend, Mark L. Johnson, who had been hired to shoot publicity photos promoting Stará’s album and tour. “I knew exactly what I was going to create for Dominika when we first met. She is radiant, effervescent, and high energy. My design harnessed all three qualities.”

Celli, known worldwide for her uniquely original and opulent creations, (many of which are featured on the hit TLC series, My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding),did not disappoint. Her dazzling design for Dominika is turning heads across the globe.

Sondra Celli’s sparkling sensation is a form-fitting mini dress made of gold lamé and more than 16,000 genuine Swarovski® crystals.

The dress features an asymmetrical strap, sweetheart neckline, nude inserts and nude back. In addition, Sondra created a fringe hem made with 80 yards of crystal cup chain to provide dynamic sparkling movement during Stará’s stage performances.

The entire dress is packed with variations of Swarovski® crystals; multi-colored cased jewels, Aurora Borealis chips, and flatback stones. Over 16,000 crystals provide the background motif for the dress with more than 300 additional jewels and chips highlighting the design in a variety of colors including; Light Colorado Topaz, Fuchsia, Rose, and Siam.  Each stone was applied one-by-one, by hand, and took two artists 38 hours to complete. The dress weighs 15 pounds.

In addition, Sondra Celli had a pair of golden mesh heels stoned to match Dominika’s dress. Approximately 4,000 assorted stones and multi-colored case jewels were used. The sparkling ensemble will be featured in Sondra Celli’s upcoming book, BLING!: The Uncommon Crystal Couture World of Sondra Celli to be published in 2019. The book shares fascinating destails of Sondra’s early design hits and misses, her family’s role in her work, and the sacrifices she made as a struggling designer in the Big Apple. Additionally, Sondra shares her trade secrets about how to bling it on at home with 14 bling-tastic DIY projects and step-by-step instructions. She also dishes about what happens behind the scenes of her popular TV show, and the pressures of creating dresses using materials like candy, dollar bills, and real flowers.

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