Told You So! B2K Reunites For A Tour!

Supergroup B2K, whose popularity was chronicled in Right On! Magazine and its spinoff publications, will reunite for The Millennium Tour, beginning March 2019. The tour will make its way to various cities throughout the United States through G-Squared Events.

Hints of the upcoming tour recently appeared on Right On! Digital in a  exclusive interview with one of the members, Boog.  Joining B2K will be notable popular artists Chingy, Mario, Pretty Ricky, Bobby V, The Ying Yang  Twins and Lloyd, all of whom received their initial coverage in the pages of Right On! Magazine.

B2K remained fan favorites from 2000 until 2004, until the group disbanded, following the release of their film, “You Got Served.”  Group members Omarion, Boog, Fizz and Raz-B remained in the industry pursuing solo endeavors, but brushed aside reunion rumors until recently.



Well, you’ve heard it here! Ready  to cop your tickets?