TV One’s original film, Down For Whatever,  was the 2017 American Black Film Festival (ABFF) Screenplay winning project written by Tim Folsome. The film, starring  LeToya Luckett, Hosea Chancez, Bre-Z and Imani Hakim.


In the network’s first original movie production representing the fast-pace action genre, Down For Whatever chronicles Tracy, a young successful doctor and her detective husband, Mike. Although happily married, one thing has always been missing in their relationship – a sense of family. Tracy grew up in foster care and longs for the traditional family environment that she never had. When Mike suddenly loses his partner in a senseless cop-killing, Tracy is there to support him. That is, until she receives an unexpected visit from a social worker who informs her that the ruthless killers suspected in the murder are her biological sisters, Denise and Sonya. Tracy is overwhelmed and in disbelief by the news, but before telling her husband, she decides to track her sisters down herself. Will she make it to them before the cops do?  Three of the cast members, Luckett, Chanchez and Hakim sat down with Right On! Digital to discuss the  film which is now airing on TV One.





Q: What did you learn about playing the doctor Tracy in the film?

LETOYA LUCKETT:  I learned to go outside of your comfort zone to accomplish that goal. When I got the role I said, “I’m going for it.” I knew what my TV husband (Hosea Chanchez would do if he found out what I was up to,  so you have to be in a place where you are down for whatever for your family. That was a big deal for me.

Q:  Imani, what did you learn from making the movie? You played one of two younger sisters.

IMANI HAKIM   : As far as the characters, there was another layer to them and they had anxiety and depression and they couldn’t get help.  I could relate to  the characters went through something  tramatic.


Q: Did anything Interesting happen behind the scenes?

HOSEA CHANCHEZ: Cynthia, what shocked me the most way that women have to do multiple things. LeToya was planning her wedding  during the production and didn’t skip a beat. Women  can do  these things  well, but I’m always trying but how you guys manage. Q: LeToya, what can you tell us about  the film?

LETOYA: I think for me, everyone was so supportive, but what people didn’t expect was that  we would all got along so well. We felt like a family and we had a lot going on but we were laughing all the time.  It was a whole lot of fun and I enjoyed working with this cast. We were cracking up and that’s what happns when you put together an awesome cast with great energy.

Q: This film is like a real thriller.What do you hope people will get out of it?



HOSEA: I learned so much about how everyone is up against choices, I felt like we should all be more unified as a people.

Q: What about you, LeToya?

LETOYA: I have more compassion for people who do not know about their biological family.   There’s realness to the film. There’s the  unconditional love my characerer has for her sisters. Love is open.     I found myself crying when I was working on the film as  I had empathy and love for the characters.



Q:  What message did you learn from being a member of the cast?

IMANI: I  I learned not to judge people. It’s not easy to play the bad person. It is  a challenge to dive into and learn new things. I don’t see my character as a monster; she’s just another young girl that faces adversity.